Hosiwell Surface Mount Box

Model : Hosiwell Surface Mount Box

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  • Hosiwell Surface Mount Box
  • Hosiwell Surface Mount Box


Hosiwell Surface Mount Box

As a premium network cable & equipment supplier, Hosiwell supplies the Surface Mount Box product in best quality.

Application & Hosiwell Unique Features
  • Surface mount boxes with modular jacks are ideal for cost effective surface terminations
  • These boxes are available in single or dual outlet versions complete with Cat.5e or Cat.6 jacks
  • Single outlet size is 48 x 65 mm; dual outlet size is 76 x 65 mm
  • A snap-on cover with designation areas for icons/tabs and write-on label encloses components
  • Cable tie anchor points allow secure strain relief for cable
  • Spring loaded shutter doors for added protection from dust and other contaminants
Part No. Description Brochure
20031 Single Port Download >>
20032 Dual Port Download >>