Hosiwell RG 11 Type 3GHz Coaxial Cable for DBS Application

Model : Hosiwell RG 11 Type 3GHz Coaxial Cable for DBS Application

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Hosiwell RG 11 Type 3GHz Coaxial Cable for DBS Application

As a premium coaxial cable manufacturer, Hosiwell manufactures the RG 11 Type coaxial cable for DBS Application Series in best quality.

Marking on cable surface: HOSIWELL CABLE RG-11/S90 E138991 (UL) TYPE CATV 75°C 14AWG

  • Direct broadcast satellite (DBS) refers to satellite television (TV) systems in which the end users receive signals directly from satellites
  • Link satellite dish to the receivers with this high-quality quad Shield D-RG-11 Coaxial Cable for maximum signal strength
Specification & Hosiwell Unique Features
  • 14 AWG {1.63 mm (0.064 in.)} copper covered steel center conductor
  • Gas expanded polyethylene dielectric
  • Inner shield aluminum-polypropylene-aluminated tape with overlap bonded to dielectric
  • Standard Attenuation @20 C(dB/100m) is 14.8 at 1000 MHz
  • Outer shield of 34 AWG (0.16 mm) bare aluminum braid wire
  • Jacket of black PVC Nominal outside diameter is 10.03 mm (0.395in.)
  • Messenger Breaking Strength (Min) is 166 kgf
  • Gas Injection Insulation Coaxial Cable
  • Hosiwell Standard Transmission distance up to 1100m
  • 75 OHM
  • Standard Packing 305 m/box
  • Special Packing 2000 m/drum
  • UL Certification
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D-RG11-S90 Bonded foil, 90% Al braid, PVC jacket Download >>